One killed in boating mishap off Western Australia

Photo: Marine Rescue Geraldton
Photo: Marine Rescue Geraldton

Australian news outlets have reported that one person was killed as a result of a boating accident off the coast of Western Australia on Sunday, May 14.

The victim and two of his companions were the occupants of a small boat that is believed to have sunk after being struck by a wave some two nautical miles off Geraldton's Batavia Coast Marina.

The deceased individual and the two survivors had been adrift for four hours by the time they were sighted by another boater at around 14:00 local time on Sunday. The boater then alerted the Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue unit to the presence of the three people in the water.

Personnel from the Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services later transported the survivors to Geraldton. One survivor had contracted hypothermia and was brought to hospital.

Police said the deceased victim and the survivor being treated for hypothermia are both believed to be in their 60s.

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