Spain's Balearia welcomes new dual-fuel ferry to fleet

Margarita Salas Balearia Armon Shipyard
Margarita SalasBalearia

Spanish ferry company Balearia has taken delivery of a new catamaran Ro-Pax ferry built by Armon Shipyard. Named after famed Spanish biochemist, Margarita Salas is a sister vessel of the earlier Eleanor Roosevelt, which Armon handed over in 2021.

Improvements over Eleanor Roosevelt include larger onboard spaces, an additional passenger deck, an increase of 10 per cent in propulsive power, and bow thrusters for enhancing manoeuvrability particularly during berthing, unberthing, and port departures. The newbuild also has dual-fuel propulsion with engines that can run on diesel and LNG and can deliver a service speed of 35 knots.

The ferry has capacity for 1,200 passengers and 425 vehicles. More than 1,200 tonnes of aluminium was used in its construction. The material was selected for being highly recyclable and for its ability to help reduce fuel consumption.

Onboard facilities include a cafeteria, a retail store, a children's play area, a large terrace, and a kennel. Passenger accommodations are in three classes, and internet connectivity is available throughout the vessel.

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