Zanzibar boat sinking leaves 10 dead

A boat ferrying passengers in Zanzibar
A boat ferrying passengers in Zanzibar

Ten people are confirmed dead after a boat sank off the coast of Tanzania's semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar on Tuesday, January 4.

Authorities said the unidentified vessel was sailing from Chakechake on Pemba island to the Kisiwa Panza islet over 100 kilometres to the south when its crew reported that they were experiencing mechanical trouble.

The boat then sank in an area with clear weather and calm sea conditions at the time.

Rescuers were able to pull 15 survivors and 10 deceased individuals out of the water. However, a local police official said the vessel had no manifest, making it difficult to determine the exact number of people who were on board.

Rescue and recovery teams are continuing to search through the area in an attempt to locate other individuals who may have been on the boat when it sank.

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