AWARDS 2021 | Best OSV – Small Crewboat – Petro Craft 1905-10 – OCEA

Best OSV – Small Crewboat – Petro Craft 1905-10 (Photo: OCEA)
Best OSV – Small Crewboat – Petro Craft 1905-10 (Photo: OCEA)

As is becoming increasingly well-known, the famed French aluminium shipbuilder OCEA is impressively innovative. These exciting little crewboats take an approach that is contrary to the norm by having their passenger cabins sited well aft where passengers will be more comfortable.

The boats also have many other innovative features that enable them to be used in a multitude of roles. They represent an enormous amount of original thought.

"The craft offers an increased capacity of 40 seats," OCEA told Baird Maritime, "compared to 30 for all the other units in the same series that we delivered so far. We also increased the size of the main cabin and preserved passenger comfort by having the cabin mounted on studs."

OCEA designed and built the crewboat while also being mindful of the need to ensure suitability within its intended area of operations, a factor which the company identified as a notable trend in the offshore vessel market. To better address this, various propulsion solutions also needed to be considered, though hybrid propulsion arrangements are becoming a popular choice.

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