Two dead after anchor handler sinks in Red Sea off Egypt

Inspecta7 (Photo: Ahmad elhamrawy)
Inspecta7 (Photo: Ahmad elhamrawy)

Egyptian media has reported that two people have died after an anchor handling vessel sank in the Red Sea on Wednesday, June 2.

The deceased included the captain and one of the engineers of the Egyptian-flagged Inspecta7, which sank after its hull reportedly struck a submerged object off the northern municipality of Ras Gharib.

The engineer was initially reported as missing. His body was found by divers inside the vessel some 18 hours after it sank.

The 11 other crewmen were able to abandon ship and were subsequently rescued.

Some of the survivors have told authorities that the captain refused to leave his station, opting instead to remain aboard the sinking vessel to make sure the rest of the crew had jumped into the water to safety.

An investigation has been launched to identify the events leading up to the incident.

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