ECO Edison – Walk-to-work vessel to support Ørsted's activities off US East Coast
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VESSEL REVIEW | ECO Edison – Walk-to-work vessel to support renewables projects off US East Coast

Ørsted has taken delivery of a new service operation vessel (SOV) to support its activities in the US offshore renewables industry, particularly in the north-eastern waters off New York and New England. The 262-foot (79.9-metre) long ECO Edison is notable for being the first offshore wind SOV to be built in the United States, able to accommodate staff lodging and meals in addition to workshop and storage space.

"The SOV's special-purpose design is focused on passenger safety and comfort, enhanced manoeuvrability, extended offshore endurance, and reduced emissions," Ørsted told Baird Maritime. "It includes special features like a walk-to-work, motion-compensated gangway that allows technicians to easily and safely access the wind turbines. A smaller daughtercraft on board can be deployed to efficiently manoeuvre crew across wind farms."

Built with a focus on reducing emissions

In keeping with the environmental goals of the offshore wind industry, the SOV will operate on diesel-electric power that meets US EPA Tier IV emission standards. The vessel is powered by two Caterpillar 3512E 1,700ekW generators that are also ready to be converted for dual-fuel methanol operation in the future.

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The generators are also configured for variable speed operation, allowing for high levels of efficiency as well as minimised exhaust emissions. A GE Power Conversion electrical system will operate with the generators or stored energy.

"Two Voith Schneider propellers featuring integrated permanent magnet motors are utilised for propulsion," added Ørsted. "These propellers have a rapid thrust and steering response, with minimal noise and vibration."

Enhanced comfort and amenities

The thrusters feature roll reduction and sleep mode, maximising station keeping, active motion compensated gangway workability, and comfort. The vessel is also equipped with extensive remote monitoring and support capability provided by Marine Technologies.

Accommodations for the crew include private staterooms with en suite bathrooms, an exercise room, a cinema/training room, and multiple lounges. The SOV also features a below deck warehouse to palletise storage for windfarm tools, components, and supplies with step-less access to an onboard lift. Also installed are a daughter craft launch and recovery system and a hydraulic height-compensating helicopter deck.

Classed by the American Bureau of Shipping, ECO Edison will be operated out of Port Jefferson, New York, for Ørsted and Eversource's joint venture offshore wind portfolio, which includes South Fork Wind, Revolution Wind, and Sunrise Wind. Once complete, South Fork Wind, Sunrise Wind and Revolution Wind will generate approximately 1.8 GW of offshore wind energy, which is enough to power over a million homes in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

"The vessel will serve as a floating, year-round home base for up to 60 offshore wind turbine technicians," Ørsted told Baird Maritime. "These technicians will work at-sea over the life of our Northeast wind farms, servicing and maintaining the wind turbines."

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