Eastern Shipbuilding launches the ‘Blue-Sea’

The Eastern Shipbuilding Group has launched the multi-purpose service vessel (MPSV) ‘Harvey Blue-Sea’ for Harvey Gulf International Marine of New Orleans, USA.

The ‘Blue-Sea’ is the second of two 100-metre MPSV under construction at Eastern, designed by Vard Marine.

The vessel is expected to deliver in early 2017, after outfitting and sea trials are completed. The lead vessel, the ‘Harvey Sub-Sea’, is also currently under construction.

The MPSV will feature a 250-tonne AHC Knuckle Boom Offshore Crane with lift capabilities in up to 4,000 metres of water, a helideck and accommodation for 150 crew and offshore workers.

Eastern is also building a multi-purpose field support vessel (MPFSV) for Harvey Gulf, the ‘Harvey Stone’.