BOOK REVIEW: Dive Scapa Flow

by Rod Macdonald

Scapa Flow is a cold, bleak stretch of water among the Orkney Islands located just north of Scotland. Why anyone would want to dive there is unimaginable to this reviewer. However, he knows that some do because he has read this book and has seen people doing it.

Robert Allan Ltd. – The place that launched a thousand tugs

Over the last few years, as the design output from Robert Allan Ltd. to the global tug community began to border on the prodigious, we were often asked, "How many tugs has your company designed?" Until very recently we really did not have a good handle on that number, so the answer was usually either "a lot" or "many hundreds", neither of which were particularly illuminating! So a search was begun late in 2016 to review our archives and try to determine the tug tally much more precisely.

BOOK REVIEW: The Sea In History – The Modern World

Edited by N.A.M. Rodger

This is the final volume of the brilliant four volume history that explains and defines the long term symbiotic relationship between man and the sea. In other words, the maritime history of the world.

The reviews of the previous three volumes have been published here each month since June. They cover the periods from the ancient world, through the middle ages to the pre-modern. Uniquely, this is a maritime history of the whole world. It is most definitely not north-Atlantic centric as most previous maritime histories have been. There lies its great value.

BOOK REVIEW: The Sea in History – The Medieval World

Edited by Michel Balard

This is the second of four volumes in this brilliant series conceived, promoted and jointly published by the French maritime cultural organisation Association Oceanides. It is equally as good as the first, which was reviewed here last month.

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