BOOK REVIEW: The German Battleship SMS Posen


By Marsden Samuel and Gary Staff 

Another impressive work of scholarship and art from the prolific Polish naval history publisher Kagero. Again, complete with 3D illustrations and a detailed “lift out” general arrangement drawing and an excellent historical summary.

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BOOK REVIEW: Naval Archives – Volume 6

Edited by Damian Majsak

This is the sixth in a series of “bookazines” published, perhaps unusually, in Poland and printed in English. To be even more different it comes with 3D glasses to enhance the experience of viewing many of its pictures. A strange but fascinating reading experience.

BOOK REVIEW: D-Day – What we haven’t told you… – The Secrets of D-Day

By Philippe Bauduin and Jean-Charles Stasi 

This most unusual and quirky book is a joint effort by one of France’s leading scientists and a very experienced and productive journalist and author. They have gone to enormous trouble to dig up a treasure trove of original, informative and downright strange anecdotes about D – Day and the Battle of Normandy. The result is a uniquely fascinating book.

BOOK REVIEW: The Jungle Survival Pocket Manual 1939–1945

Edited by Alan Jeffreys

This excellent little guidebook was apparently first published jointly by the British War Office and the United States War Department in August 1942. It was a pity it was a bit late for your reviewer's father who first went into battle against the Japanese in that month in the jungle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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