Braemar release second edition of hull and machinery guide

Marine survey reports frequently contain engineering terminology that can often be unfamiliar to non-engineers in the wider spectrum of the shipping industry. In an attempt to bridge this gap Braemar has released the second edition of its Guide to Hull & Machinery, a key reference book covering some of the common terminology used for ships, their engines, and ship's related operation, which is often encountered in survey reports.

The first version of the Guide to Hull & Machinery, released last year, was met with such enthusiasm by the marine insurance market that Braemar has now produced a new enhanced version. The second edition includes additional data such as explanations on gross and net register tonnages, subdivision and load line, deck mooring fittings and lifting appliances, whilst some useful guide formulas are included on selection of wires and synthetic ropes.

In the machinery section data can be found on gearboxes, fuel and lube oil systems, purifiers and transmission systems, whilst the sheer scale of marine engines in comparison to a human body can now be appreciated on the section of typical propulsion engines.

The guide is available in hard copy or pdf and is free of charge to those working in marine claims and insurance.

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