GEAR | WFSA to host life saving devices webinar on April 20

Photo: WFSA

The Worldwide Ferry Safety Association (WFSA) will host the New and Innovative Life Saving Devices webinar, which will begin at 22:00 UTC on Tuesday, April 20.

WFSA Executive Director Dr Roberta Weisbrod said the webinar, the third in a series to be presented by the WFSA, was formulated in response to real world problems concerning life saving devices.

Dr Weisbrod said the problems include but are not limited to: accidents and even deaths during training and deployment of lifeboats; inadequate time for passengers to access personal floatation devices when vessels are in distress; and life saving devices being relatively expensive and subject to pilferage, especially in developing countries.

Webinar topics will include matters related to lifeboat training and deployment, remotely operated rescue devices, and alternative device options such as maritime evacuation slides.

The webinar is accessible upon registration at this link. For further information, Dr Weisbrod may be contacted at [email protected]

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