GEAR | Copenhagen to host 2024 World Maritime Forum

Photo: Copenhagen Malmö Port
Photo: Copenhagen Malmö Port

The Danish capital of Copenhagen will host the upcoming World Maritime Forum, which will be held from February 27 to 28, 2024.

The forum will present a diverse lineup of discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities for participants. Themes to be discussed include sustainability and decarbonisation in the maritime sector as well as the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent navigation and predictive maintenance systems.

Safety will also be thoroughly discussed at the forum, allowing participants to share best practices, draw insights from experiences, and explore emerging technologies designed to enhance safety measures at sea.

Beyond discussions and networking, shipowners will have the opportunity to evaluate the latest technologies showcased at the event. Exhibitors will unveil advanced technological solutions, thus allowing attendees to make informed decisions about integrating these advancements into their fleets and operations.

The opening day of the forum will end with gala cocktail party awaits participants, offering a less formal setting for further networking and relationship building.

Interested parties may click this link for more information about the conference.

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