New Schottel coating systems for maximum corrosion protection

Schottel now offers its customers better corrosion protection through its new coating processes.

The corrosion protection is improved due to optimised resistance to abrasion and greater adhesive force in combination with thicker coats of paint.

The underwater elements of the propulsion unit are coated with several layers of extremely hard, two-component epoxy resin. Compared with a conventional standard coating, this is characterised by 2.3 times greater abrasion resistance and approximately 60 per cent greater adhesion, the company said.

For the above-water sections, Schottel uses a very dense and extremely durable two-component polyurethane coating.

There are also environmental benefits from the new processes – both during production and with regard to the vessel itself. The paints contain lower quantities of volatile organic compounds and solvents and are harmless to aquatic organisms.

The very smooth surface also inhibits the adhesion of marine organisms, thereby also contributing to improved durability and efficiency.