New antifouling product with unique advantages

Norway: Jotun has launched a new self-smoothing and self-polishing hydrolysis anti-fouling based on silyl acrylate technology. Called SeaMate, the product is positioned in the premium antifouling segment and is a TBT-free antifouling in full compliance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) rules for ships which came into force January 1, 2008.

Jotun claims this new antifouling enables vessels sailing between twelve and 26 knots to significantly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions over time. According to Geir Boe, Divisional Vice President for Jotun Marine Coatings, SeaMate fills an important gap in the company’s well known brands SeaForce and SeaQuantum.

“While sharing many of the benefits of our leading brand SeaQuantum, launched as the first TBT free, selfsmoothing and selfpolishing antifouling in year 2000, SeaMate is a more affordable alternative,” said Mr Boe. Mr Boe hopes that SeaMate will meet market demands in the tanker and bulker segments especially.

For ship owners concerned about rising dry-docking costs, SeaMate can be applied in two coats only for most vessel types for 60 months of antifouling protection. The properties of SeaMate also enable rapid drying, reducing both application and materials costs. SeaMate also gives a hard finish offering protection against mechanical damage.

The silyl acrylate technology has proved to reduce the build up of leached layers compared to ion-exchange technology normally used in other self-polishing antifoulings. All anti-foulings release biocides resulting in the formation of a leached layer. However, by maintaining a low leached layer and a linear polishing pattern for the full 60-month period SeaMate delivers a constant release of the biocides. This gives a long lasting protection against fouling that set a new standard in the premium antifouling segment.

SeaMate is a true hydrolysis anti-fouling product that uses second generation copper biocides giving the product an environmentally sustainable profile.