AWARDS 2022 | Best Suspension Seating Supplier – Ullman Dynamics

Best Suspension Seating Supplier – Ullman Dynamics (Ullman suspension seats on a Malta Environment and Resources Authority boat – Photo: Ullman Dynamics)

Best Suspension Seating Supplier – Ullman Dynamics

Having the pleasure of being seated comfortably and safely on Ullman suspension seats for many years, I have no hesitation in endorsing this company as the best manufacturer of such products. They are brilliantly designed and very carefully manufactured to do exactly what the Ullman team claims they do. They are first rate.

“Most marine agencies understand today that the humans on board are their most valuable assets,” Ullman Dynamics CIO Jacob Ullman told Baird Maritime. “Ours are the only seats on the market proven to prevent impact-induced injuries and physical fatigue. The reasons are easy to understand, and many agencies have today done their own comparative testing and hence know that only our seats mitigate impacts of dangerous magnitudes up to over 20 G, mitigate lateral impacts, never bottom out, never cause injuries, never eject people overboard, never break, and not need any service or maintenance.”

Mr Ullman added that the company’s seats are among the lightest on the market and also among the least expensive to own and use.

In 2022, Ullman Dynamics launched several new products and accessories meant to make life on board boats easier. These include a new, lightweight, low-cost suspension for moderately challenging conditions, new adjustable footrests accommodating users of all sizes, and a quick-release deck slider mechanism.

“We see an unexpectedly high growth rate, both in volumes and revenues,” said Mr Ullman. “We are also venturing into new markets, and now even into the civilian and top-end leisure segments, so we have no worries for the future.”

When asked about important trends influencing the direction of the marine seating industry, Mr Ullman emphasised that safety must already be inherent in seat design.

“Shock mitigation seats are critical personal protection equipment that should not require rigorous pre-flight setup,” he told Baird Maritime. “They must always be safe to use even without any user input.”

Mr Ullman added that some of today’s most demanding users, such as police and military special forces, require the safest and most comfortable seats they can get.

“Demand for high quality products will continue to increase, not least due to increased political tension and security threats and to the growing numbers of advanced high-speed boats entering service.”

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