AWARDS 2022 | Best Helm Seating Supplier – Norsap

AWARDS 2022 | Best Helm Seating Supplier – Norsap

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Best Helm Seating Supplier – Norsap

Until two or three decades ago the importance of helm seats was far too often ignored in terms of comfort and safety. The modern study of ergonomics brought about welcome change.

Having endured many a long voyage seated uncomfortably, I know how important good seating is to ensure the comfort that enables you to remain awake, aware, and therefore safe. This manufacturer has developed a well-earned reputation for designing and constructing brilliant helm and other bridge seating.

“Our helm seats are well-suited to the smaller workboats,” Norsap told Baird Maritime. “However, we have noticed a growing trend among shipyards and owners who are looking for chairs that can accommodate more equipment or have a more modern look. One of our newer chair models, with its full leather back and large armrests, is a notable example of this trend and has also become increasingly popular on smaller yachts and more capable larger mega yachts.”

The company added that, as a complete chair manufacturer, it is able to deliver a wide range of chairs, from light chairs with shock absorption to larger chairs. This is particularly beneficial to shipyards building multiple ships at a time, as they can avoid dividing their orders among different suppliers, which can otherwise increase the cost per chair as well as the overall time spent dealing with different vendors.

In 2022, Norsap focused its efforts on new and updated product offerings.

“We have been working hard on the feedback garnered from different workboat fairs in the US, the UK, and the EU. It has been only positive feedback for most, but the need for accessories like capable armrests and a rail system have been highlighted. We have also started looking at different variants of our existing suspension systems.”

The company added it is working on projects aimed at improving workdays for many operators.

“We were also able to break all our previous sales records in 2022,” Norsap told Baird Maritime. “Thanks to our employees constantly improving our products, we manage well despite turbulent price changes affecting raw materials and energy consumption.”

When asked about the direction in which the marine seating industry is headed, the company foresees growing demand for customisable and sustainable seating solutions that enhance safety, comfort, and productivity.

“We are excited that the industry is constantly evolving, and we hope to be able to continue providing our customers with reliable and sustainable seating solutions that meet their unique needs.”

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