Polymarine installs fender system aboard tug


Netherlands-based fender equipment company Polymarine Service has recently installed its latest-generation fender system aboard a Kotug KST tug newbuilding.

Designed primarily for ocean-going tugs which regularly undergo pushing operations, Polymarine Service said it was inspired to develop the system after industry feedback emphasising existing rubber fendering systems were heavy, quickly developed rough surfaces, and left black marks on the assisted vessels.

"The leaving of marks is a very serious concern in industries such as the cruise sector," commented Polymarine Service, also noting that overly weighty fendering systems increase fuel consumption over the lifetime of the vessel and are unwieldy during operations in heavy weather.

Polymarine Service and Kotug KST, both located in Rotterdam, jointly collaborated on the new fendering system for the new building, seeking to develop a next-generation fendering system optimised for the tug industry. The system is now available in a D-type arrangement, with Polymarine Service emphasising the system's low weight, durability and strength.

"The fenders are light, strong, and don't leave any marks on target vessels after coming up alongside," commented the company. "Additionally, the system is easy to mount and the section panels can be hand-lifted by two men."

The first new building to receive the system was designed by Robert Allan Ltd and built by Cheoy Lee Shipyards. The vessel measures 32-metres x 12.6 metres x 6.3 metres and has a bollard pull of 80 tonnes.

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