Schottel expands range of high-performance nozzles

The new nozzles are equipped with Schottel’s patented ProAnode technology as standard

Schottel has expanded its range of high-performance nozzles with the launch of the newly developed SDC40 nozzle. Acording to Schottel, the SDC40 sets new standards in terms of compact design and free running efficiency.

The SDC40 nozzle also stands out with its optimally designed propeller geometries and exceptional performance characteristics. It comes equipped with Schottel patented ProAnode as standard and is now available for all Schottel rudder propellers.

Free running efficiency

Optimised by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the new nozzle is characterised by its small outer diameter. This compact geometry allows for optimal adaption to different vessel designs and applications. At the same time, the high-performance nozzle is also suitable for conversions and modernisations with limited installation space. With the SDC40, an abbreviation of Schottel duct cruise, the customer profits from top free running efficiency during transits at higher speeds. Beyond this, a higher maximum speed is achievable.

Schottel exclusive: ProAnode

The new nozzles are equipped with Schottel patented ProAnode technology as standard. The altered positioning of the anodes from the outside surface into the cross-section of the nozzle leads to an extended lifecycle of the thruster and protects the anodes against external impacts. Furthermore, it offers additional operational potential as it contributes to the nozzle’s optimal hydrodynamic flow. Its smooth overall surface reduces flow interference, thus leading to lower fuel consumption and, ultimately, reduced operating costs.

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