MAN Engines releases first IMO Tier III engines for workboats

Two MAN D2862 LE469 field trial engines rated for 1,029 kW (1,400 hp) at 2,100 rpm, including a modular exhaust gas after-treatment system. These were successfully used in the pilot boat Luna at the Port of Rotterdam.

MAN Engines is now offering 12-cylinder, IMO Tier III emission standards engines for workboats, spanning a comprehensive power range from 551 to 1,213 kW.

This is particularly relevant to customers in Canada and the USA’s East and West Coast emission control areas (ECAs), who are now subject to regulatory limits around 70 per cent stricter than IMO Tier II. Customers in the North Sea and Baltic Sea ECAs needing to prepare for the mandatory limits, which will come into force on January 1, 2021, now have a series of options in the MAN Engines range.

The solution ensuring compliance with the IMO Tier III limits is MAN Engines’ modular exhaust gas after-treatment (EAT) system. The system sets itself apart with a high level of flexibility and the fact that it is extremely compact, which makes it perfect for meeting the diverse requirements associated with professional shipping.

The modular EAT allows for a wide range of installation possibilities, as the individual SCR catalytic converter components can be positioned differently, enabling flexible system integration tailored to specific customer needs. However, it is not just flexibility and compactness that this essentially maintenance-free exhaust gas after-treatment system has to offer – it is extremely lightweight, too.

The key to cost savings and greater system simplicity was the manufacturer’s decision to avoid a complex exhaust gas recirculation system and heavy, bulky components like diesel particulate filters and oxidation catalytic converters.

Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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