GEAR | Subsea 7, Dutch start-up to develop non-battery-based offshore energy storage system

Netherlands-based start-up FLASC, a developer of non-battery-based energy storage solutions for the offshore sector, has established a collaboration agreement with Subsea 7.

The collaboration will entail the application of Subsea 7’s subsea technologies in facilitating the commercialisation of FLASC’s hydro-pneumatic energy storage (HPES) concept.

The HPES concept combines pressurised seawater with compressed air to create an efficient, large-scale energy storage device that can be applied across a wide range of offshore applications. The surrounding marine environment will act as a natural heatsink for the device.

The two companies will develop solution classes based on FLASC’s core technology, targeting a number of use-cases: from conventional grid-connected wind farm applications to decarbonisation initiatives in the offshore oil and gas sector.

The parties will also jointly pursue early-stage implementations of these solutions within Subsea 7’s projects in the near future.

Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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