Norsepower receives €2.6 million to develop rotor sail

Norsepower has been selected to receive €2.6 million (US$2.9 million) in funding to further its research and development of the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution technology.

Awarded by both the European Commission and the Finnish Government’s funding agency for innovation, Tekes, the funding will be used by Norsepower to optimise new models of the technology, including what the company believe will be the world’s largest Flettner rotor.

The potentially record-breaking rotor sail model is planned to be 30-metres in height and five metres in diameter, with a maximum main-engine equivalent power output of more than four megawatts.

The new rotor sail models will be suited for tankers, bulk carriers, large Ro-Pax, and passenger vessels where smaller Rotor Sails would be inefficient for achieving the most impressive fuel savings.

The new models will be designed to be suitable for ships voyaging globally, including the Northern Hemisphere and Arctic regions that have not yet seen auxiliary wind propulsion despite having favourable wind conditions, the company said.

For further information contact: Norsepower, Finland