GEAR | ZF unveils new thruster model

ZF recently unveiled its new ZF AT 80 thruster model range, which is available as a 360-degree steerable thruster and as a retractable propulsion system, or as a bow thruster.

The underwater housing features a new hydrodynamically optimised shape that will reduce drag and improve cavitation behavior, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the propulsion system. Further, the lean and flat design will help save valuable installation space in the hull.

In combination with a resistance-optimised nozzle, the achievable speed is improved, making the thruster a feature particularly useful for ferries. ZF also offers a thrust-optimised nozzle that can guarantee improved bollard pull for tugs and other workboats.

There is also an integrated clutch feature offering variable speed control, which allows the operator to vary the speed even below the engine idle speed. This provides precisely the amount of thrust required for any operation.

A PTO with a maximum torque of 560 Nm can also be provided upon request. It can be used to operate hydraulic pumps or similar components, for example.

ZF will supply the new thruster along with its proprietary condition monitoring system. Activated upon the customer’s request, the system will monitor the condition of the propulsion components.

As possible damage can be detected early on, maintenance and servicing can be planned in advance. This optimises the availability and operating times of the ship, reduces operating costs, and improves the performance of the components in terms of service life and efficiency.

Thanks to oil monitoring, lubricant contamination becomes visible quickly. An oil change is only necessary if water or particles are actually present.

With an output range of 1,380 to 1,585 kW, the AT 80 is suitable for many different vessel types.

Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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