GEAR | Suzuki develops micro-plastic collector for outboard engines

GEAR | Suzuki develops micro-plastic collector for outboard engines

Photo: Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed a new micro-plastic collecting device designed for installation on outboard engines.

Suzuki focused on the structure of the outboard motor, which pumps up tonnes of seawater to cool the engine and then returns it to the ocean. Consequently, the company developed a device which collects micro-plastic waste utilising the returning water.

Through this device, micro-plastic waste around the water surfaces can be collected just by running the boat.

The device can be easily connected to an engine’s return hose, and it does not affect performance since it only utilises the returning water that had already been used to cool the engine.

Suzuki plans to introduce the collecting device as an optional part from 2021 and then incorporate it into its outboard engine product range as a standard feature in the future.

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