GEAR: Stadt adds variable speed feature to electric propulsion solution

Stadt has lean drive solutions where the rpm is only partially controlled, and other solutions where the full range of rpm/pitch/power goes from zero to 100 per cent.

Norwegian company Stadt’s electric propulsion solution, Stadt Lean Propulsion, has added a new feature called VariAC. This option give customers the possibility to take advantage of variable speed from diesel or LNG gensets fitted with variable speed-control.

VariAC operates on an AC grid with variable frequency in the range of 45 to 65 Hz, and was designed to give ship operators more efficient and precise control of power-load and ship-speed via the seamless regulation of propeller speed (rpm) and pitch in three different power-modes, low, medium and high.

The first version of VariAC Stadt was designed and developed in cooperation with PON – Caterpillar, utilising Caterpillar and MaK products.

Stadt promises the new feature will result in overall lower fuel consumption and emissions, especially on low and medium power-ranges, and lower noise levels during operation. Other benefits include reduced lube oil consumption, and less wear and tear on the genset, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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