GEAR | Propspeed launches commercial marine kit

Propspeed's new Commercial Kit coatings being applied to a propeller (Photo: Propspeed)

Underwater foul-release coatings manufacturer Propspeed has introduced its first kit packaged specifically for commercial marine trade use.

The Propspeed Commercial Kit includes what is needed to coat two propellers 165 to 203 cm in size, or a total surface coverage of 14.2 square metres – ideal for most vessels in this space.

The solution features a strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, the etching primer and the clear coat – ensuring the Propspeed coating actually sticks to running gear, and that the vessel can run at its peak. In addition, because growth releases when the vessel reaches cruising speeds, the product line prevents invasive species from being transferred to other regions.

Propspeed CEO Chris Baird said the company decided to offer the product line in a more convenient package for commercial marine trade vessels to make it easier for marine industry professionals to purchase and apply the foul-release coating that will best suit their needs.




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