GEAR | New medium-speed engines to feature methanol compatibility

GEAR | New medium-speed engines to feature methanol compatibility

Photo: Anglo Belgian Corporation

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has developed an extended range of dual-fuel methanol engines.

The medium-speed DZD MeOH engines, based on the DZ engine family, develop up to 3,536 kW and are highly suitable for heavy-duty applications.

With the DZD MeOH engine range, ABC launches a new range of medium-speed dual-fuel methanol engines. The range consists of six- and eight-cylinder inline engines and 12- and 16-cylinder V-engines covering a power range between 955 kW and 3.5 MW.

Depending on the operational profile and load, a ratio of 70 per cent methanol and 30 per cent conventional fuel or biofuel can be achieved. These are energetic ratios, so 70 per cent of the energy comes from the methanol.

ABC said an additional advantage of these dual-fuel engines is that the operator can effortlessly switch to 100 per cent conventional fuel or biofuel when methanol is not available. The switchover can also be done automatically and even under load without any loss of power, which ensures easy operation of the propulsion system and maximum vessel uptime.

The manufacturer claims that with the DZD MeOH engines, CO2 emissions are reduced by as much as 70 per cent. Combined with an exhaust after-treatment system (EATS), the remaining soot particles and nitrogen gases (NOx) are eliminated by a particulate filter and SCR/oxicat system so that strict emission standards are achieved.

When biodiesel or HVO is used to replace conventional fuel, CO2 emissions can be further reduced, added ABC.

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