GEAR | New interceptor system features integrated underwater lights

Photo: Humphree

Humphree has unveiled a new interceptor system with integrated underwater lights to fits 20 to 45-foot (six- to 13.7-metre) boats.

The advanced automatic interceptor system is suited for smaller boats and may even be refitted on used boats.

The interceptor is designed to counteract boat motions and reduce seasickness. It will keep boats on an even keel and lower fuel consumption.

System features include:

  • Integrated underwater lights with 25W LEDs that can change colour
  • Ultra-fast blade movements that stabilise the boat
  • Two sizes; 300mm and 450mm wide, both equipped with a two-inch (50mm) interceptor blade
  • Customisable chine version to fit any boat
  • Easy to install with a built-in mounting bracket
  • A brand-new touch control panel
  • Over the air upgrades
  • HTML5 capability that enables MFD integration
  • Function packages suited for different needs

Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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