GEAR | New injector range promises compatibility with dual-fuel engines

GEAR | New injector range promises compatibility with dual-fuel engines

Photo: Woodward

Propulsion systems specialist Woodward, via its Woodward L’Orange division, has developed a family of advanced high-pressure, dual fuel (HPDF) injectors that are ready to handle different marine fuel options.

Woodward said the injectors can effectively deal with fuel switches during an engine’s lifetime. The injector technology also enables the use of most greenhouse-gas-reducing power-to-X fuels (PtX fuels) currently under development.

The company added that the new family of HPDF injectors is the enabling technology for new mobile gas engines with close-to-zero methane slip and for most e-fuels currently being considered to reduce GHG emissions. The technology allows the design of engines with diesel-like power densities and dynamic performance.

The HPDF technology is also ready to be used with other alternative fossil fuels such as LPG, or regeneratively produced future fuels, such as methanol or ammonia. Meanwhile, the compact, space-saving injector design suits the vast majority of engine configurations.

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