GEAR | Manufacturer unveils increased-capacity outboard engine batteries

Photo: Torqeedo

Outboard engine manufacturer Torqeedo has unveiled a new battery option for its Deep Blue series of powerful electric drives: Deep Blue Battery 80.

The new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery can deliver 80 kWh of energy storage, twice the capacity of the previous generation of Deep Blue batteries.

Torqeedo CEO Fabian Bez said the new battery doubles the range and runtime for existing systems.

The new battery’s cell-to-pack architecture utilises an approach wherein individual battery cells are directly integrated into a pack without the need for intermediate modules or components. Torqeedo said this advanced construction offsets the lower energy density of LFP batteries and enables a more compact footprint that is easier to install in many boats.

The battery boasts a high volumetric energy density of around 272 Wh/L, which is ideal for larger, heavier displacement vessels like cruising yachts and commercial vessels.

The new Deep Blue Battery 80 is backed by an up to ten-year capacity warranty for both recreational and commercial use.

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