GEAR | ePropulsion unveils new 100kW electric inboard engine

Photo: ePropulsion

Electric engine manufacturer ePropulsion has further expanded its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offering with the launch of a brand new 100kW electric inboard.

The ePropulsion H-100 is engineered for larger sailing boats and motor vessels between 60 and 100 feet (18 and 30 metres) in length and with a full displacement up to 200 tons (181 tonnes). The engine also delivers high performance with less noise, fewer vibrations, and zero exhaust fumes.

Suitable for large sailing yachts, catamarans, small passenger ferries and trip boats, commercial workboats, and large inland cruisers or barges, the drive system can be straight to propeller, stern drive, sail drive or azimuth thruster.

The modular design means manufacturers can easily extend the range and power by adding motors, controllers, and batteries, and having more flexibility. The intelligent system allows owners to control remotely, and different modes can be selected to adapt to different operating scenarios.

A “docking” mode allows the throttle to be programmed to allow full throttle movement with reduced power input for enhanced low speed control. A “syn” mode is available for twin motor setups to match power input to both motors.

For extra convenience, users who pair the H-100 with ePropulsion’s HC-160-54 controller will be able to use DC power directly, eliminating the need to add a converter. The boating Internet of Things (IoT) system also enables owners to manage their fleet remotely and easily.

The new product is suitable for various industries, including transportation, tourism, rescue and patrolling, as well as the cleaning, fishing and commercial markets. It can also be applied to autonomous boats.

Compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 418 lbs (189 kilograms) and requiring just 17 by 12 inches (431 by 304 mm) of space, the H-100 is around two-thirds lighter and 50 per cent smaller than its diesel equivalent, offering flexibility in installation and maximising payload and passenger space. A flat cable design increases the slot fill rate by 25 per cent and improves power density.

Features such as magnet reluctance incorporated into the motor design can reduce the counter electric potential. In addition, IP67 waterproofing, anti-corrosion, high accuracy position feedback, high torque density and closed-loop cooling combine to ensure long life and minimal maintenance.

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