GEAR | Damen manoeuvring package selected for new shallow-water vessel for Stolt Tankers

Damen three-rudder system
Damen three-rudder system

A new shallow-water vessel being built for Stolt Tankers will be equipped with three manoeuvring systems and seven rudders supplied by Damen Marine Components.

The tanker will have a lightweight shallow water design, allowing the vessel to remain operational, even at very shallow water levels. The hull form will be equipped with three manoeuvring systems.

The outer systems consist of a three-rudder system with a tunnel in front, both on the left and right. These flexible tunnels are integrated into the hull and can be deployed and retracted at any time.

When deployed, the tunnels optimise the water flow to the propellers. If the water depth is sufficient, the tunnels are superfluous and they will be retracted.

The centre manoeuvring system will have a single rudder to improve course stability.

Damen said the three-rudder system will compensate for the lack of rudder surface brought about by the small diameter of the propellers.

The new tanker will measure 135 by 17.5 metres will be fitted with ten stainless steel cargo tanks for the transport of chemicals. Power will be provided by three electric motors.

Stolt Tankers will be the owner of the vessel and will operate it exclusively for BASF following its delivery and commissioning at the end of 2022.

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