GEAR | Baudouin updates the 6M19.3

French brand Moteurs Baudouin has updated the company’s versatile 6M19.3 diesel range, making several adjustments to improve the engine assembly and increase customer access for maintenance. In addition the raw water pipe has been strengthened, improving reliability, and the fresh water pipe has been redesigned to avoid the risk of leaks.

From light, occasional use, to the daily grind of continuous heavy-duty power, the 6M19.3 is reliable and adaptable to a range of environments and applications, from fishing boats, tugs, and workboats to pleasure craft.

Utilising its inherent adaptability as a common rail engine, Baudouin can quickly and easily provide a 6M19.3 that is optimised for almost any application and duty rating.

At continuous 1,800 rpm (P1 duty), Baudouin claims it delivers the best power density and lowest fuel consumption compared to all the main competitors in the market.

Based on use of 5,000 hours per year with an average load, the 6M19.3 can deliver around 3,300 to 5,600 additional miles compared to rival engines on the market.

The 6M19.3 is also designed provide you with cost savings across its life cycle, delivering an extended mean time between overhauls (MTBO) with longer time periods between routine maintenance and service requirements.

Baird Maritime Gear Editor

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