Canada’s Nautican Research and Development to continue operating under new ownership

Photo: Nautican

US-based Outbound Engineering Group has taken ownership of the intellectual property and equipment of Canadian marine propulsion systems provider Nautican Research and Development and will continue operating the marine product line as Nautican Research and Development USA with new ownership and management.

The former Nautican Research and Development was the subject of recent bankruptcy proceedings in Canada and the US branch was administratively dissolved.

The intellectual property is inclusive of the Nautican name, branding, product designs, engineering, patents, research data, production methods, trade secrets, and customer profiles.

Founded in 1972 by Josip Gruzling, Nautican was among the companies that pioneered the use of hydrofoils to increase efficiency, and conducted research in hydrodynamics, naval architecture, and computing.

In 2013, the company was sold by the Gruzling family to a new owner, who ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 2020, culminating in the transfer of Nautican’s intellectual property to Outbound Engineering Group.

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