AWARDS 2022 | Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo

Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo; Torqeedo 50kW electric outboard fitted on a RIB workboat (Photo: Torqeedo)
Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo; Torqeedo 50kW electric outboard fitted on a RIB workboat (Photo: Torqeedo)

Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo

Torqeedo is the pioneer of electric outboard motors and has achieved a strong lead over new competitors who have entered the fast growing market sector.

Environmentally conscious owners are equipping a very wide range of work and passenger craft with this manufacturer's high quality and convenient motors worldwide.

"We have been providing equipment for emission-free maritime applications since 2005," Torqeedo told Baird Maritime. "We are the only firm that provides such a broad portfolio of complete modular drive systems including batteries, outboard, inboard, and pod drives, chargers, throttles, and displays – everything you need to go electric up to 200 kW system power and 1.5 MW battery power. Uptime is crucial for professional users, and choosing our products means you have a fully integrated, tested, and proven reliable solution from a single source."

The company continued providing upgrades to some of its existing engine models as it entered its 18th year of business.

"We relocated into our new headquarters, integrated three manufacturing locations into one, and invested in strengthening our production capabilities and internal processes during the last year. We are positioning ourselves to fulfil the growing need for sustainable boating solutions by using lean manufacturing practices and preparing for long-term growth. In collaboration with our industry partners, we are also building a supportive environment that will help promote electrification adoption."

For Torqeedo, building a more sustainable maritime industry is one of the most important issues that the outboard engine industry needs to address. Climate and environmental protection will be the primary guiding principles in the future, and showing progress in terms of decarbonisation is therefore crucial.

"We hope to replace or reduce fossil fuel consumption wherever possible, primarily in the light commercial fleet," the company told Baird Maritime, "but the job does not stop there. The entire boat, from its construction to its fuel to the items used to maintain it, must be considered, as well as its end-of-life."

Torqeedo believes there are several options for decarbonising transportation, with the first and most reasonable path being to decarbonise power production and electrify as many vehicles as possible. Fortunately, the technology needed for such decarbonisation is now available.

"While we work on electrification, we must also develop hybrid, biofuel, or other climate-neutral options for vehicles that cannot meet their range and runtime requirements solely through battery power. We will soon see hydrogen or methanol fuel cells employed to charge the batteries of electric motor systems for those demanding applications."

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