AWARDS 2021 | Best Oil Filter Supplier – C.C.Jensen (CCJ)

Best Oil Filter Supplier – C.C.Jensen/CJC diesel oil filter installed in the engine room of the Solstad Offshore platform supply vessel Normand Solitaire (Photo: C.C.Jensen)

Best Oil Filter Supplier – C.C.Jensen (CCJ)

Oil filters are some of the most important consumable components of marine engines. Correct, safe, clean and reliable lubricating oil filtration is a vital factor in reliable, economical engine operation.

CCJ of Denmark is fastidious about quality and has built a global reputation for the reliability that ensures over its generations of existence.

“As to what differentiates our products from those of the competition,” CCJ told Baird Maritime, “we believe the word ‘trust’ explains it all. We have helped in the delivery of clean oil since 1953, and we have developed extensive technical knowledge. When products are performing well and they deliver clean and dry oil, customers experience fewer unplanned downtimes and longer service lives of components and oil. That experience is now spreading in the market.”

The company added that it has always worked towards becoming the first point of contact with oil-related issues. This is accomplished by answering questions and assisting customers in many issues. It also led to the development of a network of other experts that the company can refer to if needed.

“Clean and dry oil is such a small yet very important part when it comes to operating vessels,” said CCJ, “so owners and yards need a partner that they can trust to deliver.”

CCJ spent 2021 developing new products to fully replace centrifugal purifiers on all types of engines operating on all fuels. This technology will provide vessel owners with significant cost reductions as well as proven CO2 reduction through energy-saving solutions in line with the manufacturer’s goal of reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

“On top of that, we have started commercialising our product offering of online monitoring of wear and oil quality on various oil systems such as thrusters, stern tubes, etc. With this system, we can send notifications to owners whenever our sensor technology and algorithms detect abnormal wear or oil quality, thereby detecting failures as early as possible.”

CCJ remarked that owners have already begun using this latter system to prove the normal operation of an oil system to classification societies. It is thus also used as a tool to prolong inspection of stern tube or thrusters from five to 7.5 years, where inspection has not been necessary.

“The previous year was challenging,” the company told Baird Maritime, “but we are still fortunate and we have been growing despite the pandemic.”

CCJ made good use of 2021 by devoting significant time to adjusting the organisation so as to continue its dialogue with customers through digital means and with the same quality and consistency as was done in the past.

“That transition had to happen very quickly, and we believe we have succeeded in making that transition as smooth as possible. It has been challenging, but our customers have also been very willing and passionate to make it a success.”

Commenting on the future of the marine filtration industry, CCJ remarked that evolving requirements will play a part in facilitating the transition to more reliable filtration systems.

“We foresee that the requirements for CO₂ reductions and increased reliability of systems and autonomous vessels will further highlight the need to switch to oil filter technology from centrifugal separators,” the company said. “Demands for greater reliability and more frequent uptimes will lead to increases in the demand for clean and dry oil as well as online monitoring of the condition of oil systems.”

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