AWARDS 2021 | Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo

Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo (Photo: Torqeedo)
Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo (Photo: Torqeedo)

Best Electric Outboard Supplier – Torqeedo

Germany-based electric outboard motor manufacturer Torqeedo was the sector pioneer and remains the market leader. If an operator wishes to avoid the noise, mess, and volatility of petrol outboard motors, there is really no other answer when it comes to choosing a brand of motor.

Comparatively light and with removable battery packs, Torqeedo's motors are very convenient to operate. They are started by simply flicking a switch.

Offered in a range of up to 80 hp (59 kW), all outboards in the company's product line come with quick battery charging and guarantee reasonable range and endurance.

"More than manufacturing just battery-powered electric motors," Torqeedo told Baird Maritime, "we are among the few suppliers that deliver fully integrated propulsion and energy management systems that are customisable with modular components and industrially engineered to meet the highest demands. From our 3kW to 200kW offerings, our systems offer exceptional performance and safety, compliance with international standards at the system level, and highly intuitive operation."

Torqeedo saw 2021 as an opportunity to introduce new products to the market. The year saw the initial roll-out of the company's "TorqLink" advanced communications protocol, which is optimised for low-voltage cruise systems of six to 25 hp (4.4 to 18 kW) equivalents.

"Originally developed for our 'Deep Blue' systems, TorqLink connects all components of the propulsion system in an integrated throttle-to-prop electronic network for better visibility, control and reliability. All critical system information is displayed on a new easy-to-read bright colour screen built into the TorqLink top-mount throttle."

TorqLink can also be interfaced with each boat's standard multi-function display or chartplotter. Bluetooth is built-in, and operators can simply install the TorqTrac app on their devices for added convenience in monitoring system status as well as advanced inland or near-shore navigation functions using Google Maps.

"All TorqLink components automatically connect and communicate seamlessly with each other at installation startup," added Torqeedo. "This makes it very easy to set up even a relatively complex electric or hybrid drive system. Other non-Torqeedo components, such as an onboard solar array, can be connected via the TorqLink-equipped 48V solar charger for Power batteries. A range extender can be connected into the system quickly and easily via the fast AC charger. All subsystems work on the same electronic backbone, provide information on the same display, and work seamlessly together."

The company remarked that, in 2021, the recreational boating segment saw incredible growth, but as governments continued to grapple with Covid, investments in electric water taxis and passenger ferries that were scheduled for 2021 were in some cases delayed until 2022 or 2023.

"On the other hand, many ecotourism operators, boat rental operators, and other private enterprises took advantage of lighter passenger loads to refit part of their fleets with emission-free electric drives."

Torqeedo also saw growth in electric uncrewed vessels such as USVs.

"Electric USVs are used for research, survey, border protection and there are even prototype vessels that will be used as autonomous water taxis," the company told Baird Maritime. "Also, over the next few years, we expect to see steady, incremental advances in battery technology and continued progress on carbon-neutral charging options such as solar or alternative fuels like hydrogen or methanol, an increasingly diverse range of electric offerings from combustion engine manufacturers, and a rapid rise in electrification projects in urban centres."

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