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Best Stabilisation System Supplier – Seakeeper

United States-headquartered Seakeeper has perfected and produces a range of anti-roll gyro stabilisation systems for boats ranging upwards from seven metres LOA.

Seakeeper systems require no external appendages. They are compact and can be installed practically anywhere out-of-the-way. They require little electrical power. For commercial vessels, Seakeeper’s heavy duty range is designed for vessels from 16 metres and upwards in length. Seakeeper claims its systems can eliminate up to 95 per cent of boat roll, while being simple to fit and operate

“For the same reasons recreational boaters choose our products,” Seakeeper told Baird Maritime, “owners and builders of commercial workboats trust us to keep their vessels stable and their crew safe in all conditions. In commercial applications, boat roll jeopardises the safety of everyone on board, whether by way of insecure footing, early fatigue, or moving loose equipment. With the push of a button, you can give your crew a land-like experience, greatly reducing the possibility of injury from slips and falling gear.”

The company added that its stabilising systems are among the most efficient in the market today, thanks to a patented cooling system that removes heat from the sphere, an active control braking system that allows for optimal performance in all sea conditions, both at rest and underway, and the fact that each product’s gyroscope/flywheel is designed to spin in a vacuum, uninhibited by any air resistance and helping reduce weight, power, and size.

Seakeeper said it is also favoured for its having supplied over 13,000 gyrostabilisers since 2008 and for its global team of distribution partners that are always ready to assist in matters such as maintenance and troubleshooting.

In 2020, the company was able to introduce a new product. The smallest in the Seakeeper range, it is optimised for installation on seven- to nine-metre-long boats. It also features a single-cylinder brake, flush mount design, and control panel for quick and easy controls right on the unit itself.

Although 2020 presented a number of challenges, Seakeeper has nonetheless claimed that the previous year proved to be a highly profitable one.

“Thankfully, the boating industry experienced mostly upside through many of 2020’s closures. As travel and other activities were limited around the world, people were still allowed to enjoy the outdoors in many areas. For boating, that put sales at unexpected highs and many boat and boat equipment manufacturers have experienced backlogs. The same rings true for Seakeeper. We’ve had a really successful year and are gearing up for more growth in the future.”

The company added that it was able to maintain this momentum in the first few months of 2021, and so it is optimistic about its future as regards doing business as well as the future of stabilised boating.

When asked to expound on the future of stabilised boating, Seakeeper said experience will be the key that will aid customers in looking for a reliable supplier of the requisite systems.

“Stabilised boating will only increase in the years to come, as recreational and commercial applications recognise the difference in experience,” the company told Baird Maritime. “Not only is improved comfort important for crew happiness, but safety, longevity and efficiency make stabilisation a no-brainer.

“Often because of more red tape and contract limitations, commercial boat users have been slower to adopt new technologies, but ask any of our commercial customers – such as windfarm crewboat operators in the North Sea and oil recovery specialists that serve the Gulf of Mexico – and they’ll tell you that they’d never go back to using outdated systems.”

Seakeeper, in anticipation of the increase in demand for stabilised boating, added that efficiency and performance will dominate as consumers and business owners can do much of their own research online before ever having to speak to a salesperson. With consumers communicating directly with other consumers through forums and social media, companies need to be aware that they are now being held to a higher standard compared to before.

“Products and their capabilities can speak for themselves through the reviews of consumers,” added Seakeeper. “Companies who back great products with reliable, sound information and top-notch customer service will outlast those who cannot.”

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