GEAR | New passenger vessel stability management software awarded DNV type approval


DNV has awarded type approval to NAPA’s new onboard stability software for the passenger sector – NAPA Stability, a new onboard stability solution that will replace NAPA Loading Computer, the stability management solution for passenger ships.

This type approval establishes that the software meets DNV’s requirements for the assessment of ship stability in both intact and damaged conditions, and the relevant IACS requirements to enable Safe Return to Port (IACS UR L5 Type 4 requirements), as well as requirements for DNV’s class notation Loading Computer System (Damage Control), LCS(DC). The approval also means that deliveries of NAPA Stability will now only require ship-specific approval, creating a lighter and more affordable approval process for users who adopt the solution.

Based on NAPA’s accurate 3D modelling that takes into account every ship’s unique design mathematics, NAPA Stability covers a wide range of calculations related to hydrostatics, intact stability, damage stability, and longitudinal strength – allowing users to meet current rules and anticipate future regulations. As a cloud-based solution, it gives shoreside teams and crew a much clearer picture of their current loading condition in order to assess risks on an ongoing basis, and allows much faster collaboration and communication of vital information with third-party emergency response services when necessary.

The solution also has a modern, informative and intuitive graphical user interface developed with high levels of user input. NAPA Stability is built to be cyber secure, meeting current and future standards on cyber security and designed to mitigate the specific cyber risks present in the maritime environment.

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