AWARDS 2022 | Best Davit Supplier – Vestdavit

AWARDS 2022 | Best Davit Supplier – Vestdavit

Best Davit Supplier – Vestdavit (Photo: Vestdavit)

Best Davit Supplier – Vestdavit

The design and construction of davits for the launching and recovery of smaller craft from motherships is a very specialised business, something of an art and a craft. Norway’s Vestdavit was established in 1975 and is now globally renowned for both its custom built and standard range of davits. They are fitted to a vast range of ships and workboats from fishing, patrol and rescue vessels through to cargo ships. All are designed and built for maximum safety and reliability.

“A significant factor in our success is our ability to develop and deliver advanced and reliable davits that can handle the larger and heavier workboats that are increasingly prevalent in the commercial markets, particularly in the offshore wind sector in Europe and the United States,” Rolf Andreas Wigand, Managing Director of Vestdavit, told Baird Maritime. “In 2022, we were contracted to provide seven systems with a maximum working load (MWL) of 12 tonnes and over. Our ability to support these systems from dedicated service hubs within both Europe and the United States has also contributed to this success.”

In 2022, the company focused on developing newer and larger systems to support larger and larger daughter craft to be operated from service operation vessels (SOVs). Development continued on a series with 12- and 16-tonne models being supplemented by versions that are adapted to catamaran craft. The company continues to look to larger systems, and there is even a concept for a 20-tonne MWL davit system with plans to commence production within the next 12 to 18 months.

“We have also continued to strengthen our dual point lift portfolio with the sale of two dual point davit systems with a 30-tonne MWL and flexible hook distance technology,” added Wigand. “This technology will allow the operator to use multiple types of boats of varying sizes from within the same davit system. Previously, shipowners would have had to switch out the davit system to achieve this result.”

Wigand said Vestdavit enjoyed another record-breaking year in 2022, with orders for new systems worth NOK185 million (US$17.4 million) and after-sales revenue increasing by 30 per cent.

“On average we have experienced approximately 20 per cent growth every year for the past five years,” Wigand told Baird Maritime, “and we are optimistic that we can maintain this momentum, or even surpass it. Ultimately, we are very confident that we are developing high-quality, advanced systems that customers expect.”

The deck equipment industry over the next few years will be characterised by an increased requirement for what Wigand refers to as “modular systems.” Through this approach, multiple craft can be handled from the same system, which is beneficial for Vestdavit’s clients in both the commercial and military sectors.

“We are continuing to cater to these markets by developing products such as flexible dual point systems. These developments go hand in hand with our efforts to make systems ‘smarter’ by integrating AI-based learning into them. Simultaneously, we are putting ever more focus on automated launch and recovery of unmanned vehicles as human operators are removed from more hazardous tasks.”

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