Aquabotix unveils latest ROV/AUV

Aquabotix has unveiled its second-generation hybrid underwater vehicle, the Integra autonomous underwater vehicle/remotely operated vehicle (AUV/ROV).

Single-person deployable, portable and powered by a lithium ion battery, the Integra AUV/ROV allows users to conduct multiple underwater missions for law enforcement, research, environmental assessment, defence and infrastructure.

Available to use at depths of 100 metres or 300 metres, it can search wide areas using AUV mode (untethered) while conducting detailed inspections using ROV mode (tethered).

Aquabotix Chief Technology Officer Durval Tavares said all mission planning was completed in an intuitive Windows-based application in autonomous operations.

The AUV/ROV includes five high-torque motors, live remote control and data sharing, 1080-pixel true high-definition camera with pan and tilt, up to eight hours of battery life and high-intensity LED lighting (4400 lumens).

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