Philippine Navy corvette assists disabled fishing boat

Photo: Philippine Navy/Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao
Photo: Philippine Navy/Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao

A Philippine Navy ship came to the aid of a local fishing boat that had become disabled at sea on Wednesday, May 13.

The corvette BRP Apolinario Mabini (formerly the Royal Navy Peacock-class corvette HMS Plover) was patrolling the common maritime border between the southern Philippines and Indonesia on the morning (local time) of Monday when it was instructed to render assistance to the distressed vessel in the waters off Davao Occidental and Davao Oriental provinces.

The navy crew then made radio contact with the fishermen to coordinate the subsequent rescue and towing operation.

The corvette arrived at the area at 06:13, deployed a line to the fishing boat, and began towing it towards Davao Occidental.

The navy said that another fishing boat from the same owner met the corvette and the distressed vessel at a point 16 nautical miles east of Banos Point in Davao Occidental and took over the towing operation. The two fishing boats were en route to General Santos City in South Cotabato province as of 19:30 on Wednesday.

The navy added that damage to the main shafting had left the fishing boat dead in the water. It had been adrift for approximately nine hours by the time the corvette arrived.

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