Iceland's Kaldvik orders harsh weather feed barge from Norwegian builder

Kaldvik Akva Group
A previously delivered Akva feed bargeKaldvik

Icelandic fish farm operator Kaldvik has placed an order for a new feed barge to be built by Norwegian aquaculture support specialist the AKVA Group. The barge will be capable of handling extreme weather conditions and high waves and is designed for Iceland's rough coastlines.

A unique V-shaped bottom will help the hull cut through waves and stay stable, ensuring that operations run smoothly even in rough seas. Reinforced structures will also be built into the hull to protect against harsh weather and rough waters.

The barge is designed to be operated remotely from shore, providing operational safety ensuring the feeding system is running continuously. This then means that the fish can still be fed even if crews cannot reach the site due to bad weather.

The barge is the third in a series ordered by Kaldvik from the Akva Group. It will be deployed at the owner's site in the East Fjords of Iceland following delivery in the second quarter of 2025.

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