Vympel launches first unit of new coastal trawler series for Karelryba

Photo: Russian Federal Agency for Fishery

Russia’s Vympel Shipbuilding has launched the first ship of a new series of coastal trawlers ordered by Karelryba Fishing Company of Murmansk.

The 36-metre vessel is being built by Vympel as main contractor and Nobel Brothers Shipyard as sub-contractor. Both companies belong to the Kalashnikov Group.

The trawler is designed for demersal and pelagic trawling of cod and haddock in Russia’s northern waters. Onboard facilities will include a fishroom with a capacity of 70 tonnes.

Shortly after the vessel was launched, Karelryba and the Murman Coast Fishing Association formally placed an order for 10 additional trawlers from the same series.

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