VESSEL REVIEW | Dmitry Kozharsky – Large-capacity freezer trawler for Russia’s northern waters

VESSEL REVIEW | Dmitry Kozharsky – Large-capacity freezer trawler for Russia’s northern waters

Photo: USC

Vyborg Shipyard under Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) recently handed over a new freezer trawler under the Project KMT02.02 series to local owner the FOR Group for operation by Kaliningrad-based fishing subsidiary Atlantrybflot.

Dmitry Kozharsky was designed by local company Marine Engineering Bureau primarily for bottom trawling and is built to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping’s ice class 3 specifications. It is the first in a planned three Project KMT02.02 freezer trawlers, which are slightly larger variants of an existing vessel design originally developed by Norwegian naval architecture firm Skipsteknisk.

Photo: USC

The newbuild has a length of 80.4 metres, a beam of 15.4 metres, a draught of 6.51 metres, a displacement of 5,563 tonnes, a gross tonnage of 3,755, and accommodations for 46 crewmembers and fish processing personnel. Power is provided by a 4,640 kW main engine that can deliver a speed of 15 knots while the remainder of the propulsion setup includes a 600kW bow thruster, 1,000kW and 520kW diesel generators, a 3,250kW shaft generator, and a 110kW emergency generator.

The onboard factory has a rated freezing capacity of 105 tonnes per day and a hold capacity of 2,375 cubic metres. The factory is also designed to produce up to 4,000 cans of cod liver and 7.9 tonnes of fishmeal in one day. USC said the vessel itself was also designed to be capable of transferring catch onto reefer vessels and replenishing the latter vessels’ fuel, supplies, and equipment while at sea.

Photo: USC

Some of our readers have expressed disquiet at our publication of reviews and articles describing new vessels from Russia. We at Baird Maritime can understand and sympathise with those views. However, despite the behaviour of the country’s leaders, we believe that the maritime world needs to learn of the latest developments in vessel design and construction there.

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Dmitry Kozharsky
Type of vessel:Freezer trawler
Classification:Russian Maritime Register of Shipping * Ice 3 AUT1 (REF) Fishing vessel OMBO
Owner:FOR Group, Russia
Operator:Atlantrybflot, Russia
Designers:Marine Engineering Bureau, Russia; Skipsteknisk, Norway
Builder:Vyborg Shipyard, Russia
Length overall:80.4 metres
Beam:15.4 metres
Draught:6.51 metres
Displacement:5,563 tonnes
Deadweight tonnage:2,287
Gross tonnage:3,755
Capacity:2,375 cubic metres
Main engine:4,640 kW
Generators:1,000 kW; 520 kW, 3,250 kW, 110 kW
Side thruster:600 kW
Maximum speed:15 knots
Type of fuel:Diesel
Operational area:Northern Russia

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