VESSEL REVIEW | Arctic Fjord – Alaska pollock trawler to be deployed in Bering Sea

Photo: Arctic Storm Management Group

Seattle-based seafood company the Arctic Storm Management Group has taken delivery of a new trawler-processor optimised for catching Alaska pollock in the Bering Sea.

The Jones Act-compliant Arctic Fjord was designed by Norway’s Kongsberg Maritime and built at the Houma, Louisiana facilities of Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors. The newbuild, which replaces a similarly named vessel originally built in 1974, is outfitted with systems designed to optimise both efficiency and environmental performance and to reduce noise and vibrations.

The newer Arctic Fjord has a length of 324 feet (99 metres), a beam of 68.9 feet (21 metres), a draught of 28.5 feet (8.7 metres), space for 152 crewmembers and processing personnel, and a wave-piercing bow that reduces fuel consumption and slamming in rough seas. Approximately 4,000 cubic metres of fish products including fish meal and fish oil can be stored in the holds.

Photo: Arctic Storm Management Group

A Bergen 9,655hp (7,200kW) main engine drives a Kongsberg Maritime Promas Innoduct 4,200mm propeller to deliver a high bollard pull of 110 tonnes, a top speed of just over 19 knots, and a cruising speed of 16.4 knots. The vessel also features a Bergen 4,827hp (3,600kW) auxiliary engine, a Kongsberg Maritime tunnel thruster to aid in manoeuvrability, and a range of Kongsberg deck machinery.

The fish factory from Carsoe is fitted out for the production of Alaska Pollock, either as fish blocks, surimi, roe, fish meal, or fish oil. Two 650kW RSW plants help preserve catch quality in the holds during transit.

The electronics suite consists of a Kongsberg Discovery package that includes an SN90 multibeam sonar capable of locating schools as well as individual fish, an ES80 sounder system capable of detailed fish inspections, and FX80 live camera and DFS75 gear monitoring systems that show how nets are deployed and that verify the catch in real time. The wheelhouse consoles’ controls and displays are ergonomically laid out to enable ease of use from the helm station.

Photo: Arctic Storm Management Group

Jess Woodruff, Director Marine Life Technology USA at Kongsberg Discovery, said the integrated equipment package will allow the crew to maximise catch efficiency – reducing both time on the water and vessel emissions – while working seamlessly within the ship’s wider operational and processing parameters to optimise profitability.

The accommodation spaces include 48 crew cabins with en suite shower facilities, an onboard hospital, a mess, a galley, and lounges. All crew spaces benefit from wifi and IP TV connectivity. Space is also available for a small rescue boat for use in man overboard situations.

Arctic Fjord
Type of vessel: Trawler-processor
Flag: USA
Owner: Arctic Storm Management Group, USA
Designer: Kongsberg Maritime, Norway
Builder: Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors, USA
Length overall: 324 feet (99 metres)
Beam: 68.9 feet (21 metres)
Draught: 28.5 feet (8.7 metres)
Capacity: 4,000 cubic metres
Main engine: Bergen, 9,655 hp (7,200 kW)
Propulsion: Kongsberg Maritime Promas Innoduct propeller
Auxiliary engine: Bergen, 4,827 hp (3,600 kW)
Side thruster: Kongsberg Maritime
Depth sounder: Kongsberg Discovery ES80
Sonar: Kongsberg Discovery SN90
Monitoring system: Kongsberg Discovery DFS75
Camera: Kongsberg Discovery FX80
Other deck equipment: Kongsberg Maritime
Refrigeration/Fish processing equipment: Carsoe; 2 x RSW plants
Accommodation: 48 x cabins; hospital; mess; galley; lounges
Crew: 152
Operational area: Bering Sea

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