VCU-TCD delivers shrimp trawler to Texel Island

Netherlands-based shipbuilder VCU-TCD recently delivered a new shrimp trawler to fisherman Erik Kalf on the island of Texel.

Erik chose a Hernand Jansen design for the 23.95 by 6.2-metre, 91-tonne trawler, which has been named Bona Fide.

Bona Fide replaces Erik’s older trawler, which he sold in 2017 to Tjeerd Visser and is now operating under the name Monte Senior.

Erik and his wife Anita laid the keel for Bona Fide last December 2, and the boat was finally launched into the water on May 30 this year. Sadly, on July 26, Anita died after a long illness just one day before the trawler set sail for the couple’s hometown harbour of Oudeschild.

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