Two dead, two injured after trawler capsizes in Russian shipyard

Lev, the second of two Project 1701 trawlers ordered by Russia's Fest Group from Pella Shipyard (Photo: Pella Shipyard)

Russian media reports that two people were killed after a fishing vessel capsized and sank while still under construction at a shipyard near Saint Petersburg on Tuesday, March 30.

Skorpion, a factory trawler ordered by local operator Fest Group, was undergoing ballast system trials at Pella Shipyard when it listed heavily to starboard and settled on its side.

Two shipyard workers who were on board the 3,000-tonne trawler became trapped below decks as the vessel tilted and settled, resulting in flooding in the holds. The workers’ bodies were later recovered.

Government press officials said that another two workers suffered injuries as a result of the mishap.

Officials added that a Russian Navy Karakurt-class corvette was docked near the trawler when it capsized but did not sustain any damage.

Skorpion is the first of two Project 1701 trawlers being built by Pella Shipyard for Fest Group. Its delivery was originally scheduled for the middle of 2021.

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