New factory trawler orders for Pella

Russia’s Pella Shipyards has won an order for four 70-metre factory trawlers. Designed for bottom trawling in the north and south Atlantic the vessels are designed to carry fuel and provisions for up to 50 days at sea.

In addition to the processing line for filleting or H&G cod, haddock and other ground fish species, there will be a fishmeal plant for offal and a small plant for canning cod livers. Freezing will be with a mix of vertical and horizontal plate freezers. The cargo hold will be insulated and refrigerated to -30 degrees Celsius. To be built at the company’s Leningrad yard, the factory trawlers are designed by Cramaco of Norway.

Gross registered tonnage will be approximately 2,685, and measure in at 69.9 by 13.5 metres with an overall draught of 6.6-metres. Accommodation is provided for up to 61 people, and the vessels will be built to class survey under Det Norske Veritas. 

In addition to the fish-holds under the main deck, the factory trawler will have an additional hold space for 320 cubic metres of fishmeal.

It takes a lot of power to meet the electrical needs of a 70-metre factory trawler that will fill 1,250-cubic-metres of hold space with processed fish. To meet these requirements, the builders ordered four 1,000kW gensets, one for each of the four boats on order, and four 1,600kW shaft generators.

Each trawler will have a Cummins 4,500kW main engine, resulting in a free running speed in optimum conditions of 14.5 knots with a trawling speed of five knots and 65 tons of bollard pull.

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