AWARDS 2021 | Best Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessel – Jacqueline Anne – Macduff Ship Design

Best Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessel – Jacqueline Anne

Best Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessel – Jacqueline Anne – Macduff Ship Design

This is a classic example of a powerful, modern Scottish twin-rig trawler. She is designed to operate around the rugged north coast of Scotland, particularly in the North Sea.

A “pocket battleship” of a fishing boat, she is strong, seaworthy, powerful and very well-equipped with all the latest and best in electronics, catching and processing gear. She is also comfortable and dry and has the most amazing “aircraft carrier-like” wheelhouse. Like all Macduff Ship Design-designed boats, she will be a great investment for her owners.

“We spent considerable time working with the building shipyard and Wolfson Unit hydrodynamics specialists developing a new hull form,” Ian Ellis, Macduff Ship Design Managing Director, told Baird Maritime. “The goal was to optimise water flow, seakeeping, and fuel efficiency both at low speed for fishing operations and higher speed for transit.”

The designer added that the basic concept is a well proven one and the design aimed to minimise changes to the structure and layout of the vessel whilst improving performance.

The delivery of Jacqueline Anne occurred during what Macduff Ship Design regards as “an interesting year” caused by the uncertainty due to Covid and the changes brought about by Brexit.

“This has led to uncertainty amongst vessel owners and operators. As we hopefully move clear of Covid and into more assured times, we are seeing a more positive outlook an interest in newbuilds,” said Ellis, adding that, with reference to the fishing sector, it is difficult to see significant changes in operation except for a continued push towards efficiency and catch quality.

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