AWARDS 2021 | Best Tuna Seiner – Via Alize – Piriou

Best Tuna Seiner – Via Alize – Piriou (Photo: Piriou)

Best Tuna Seiner – Via Alize – Piriou

Tres magnifique! Tuna seiners are invariably beautiful ships. This latest steel/aluminium example from Breton shipbuilder Piriou’s Vietnamese yard is no exception.

A stylish, high quality build that is particularly well-equipped, she has been carefully built to be both economically and environmentally sustainable for her experienced Italian/French owner. Fast and long ranging, she has vast catch capacity for a vessel of her size.

“The vessel’s design is sea-proven and takes into account several regulatory changes, hence the improved onboard working conditions and accommodations for the crew in accordance with the MLC 2006,” Piriou told Baird Maritime. “Also, the onboard technologies help ensure lower environmental impact and improved energy efficiency, which the builder claims is an important step among owners that wish to modernise their traditional fishing fleets.

“The concept behind the vessel is that even with smaller size, it will still provide an ideal platform as the owner transitions to more a sustainable approaches to fishing.”

Piriou added that while the Covid-19 pandemic did affect the work that went into Via Alize, the vessel was promptly delivered to Via Ocean on schedule. The builder credits the cooperation that it had with the owners wherein the latter also supervised construction despite the difficulty imposed by health regulations.

“Despite the impact on health caused by the pandemic, 2021 was still a good year for us, as we were able to complete several deliveries and secure new orders,” the company added.

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